Richard Buonforte

Current Courses

Social-Cultural Anthropology (Anthr 101)
Language, Culture, and Society (Anthr 309)
American Culture (Anthr 345)
Symbolic Anthropology (Anthr 436)
Perceiving Places (Anthr 490R)


PhD Candidate, Yale University, 1985-1996
MPhil, Yale University, 1985
MA, Yale University, 1984
BA, Brigham Young University, 1982 (magna cum laude)

Research Interests

Human being; humans in a more-than-human place-world; the lived body and the earth; the fabrication of reality; power; contemporary theory; linguistic anthropology as a way of doing ethnography; ethnographic writing; American culture; Latter-day Saint perspectives; the writings of Bruno Latour, Edward Casey, and Wendell Berry.