Joel Janetski


PhD, University of Utah, 1983
MA, University of Utah, 1977
BA, Brigham Young University, 1965

Research Interest

Dr. Janetski has a long term interest in hunter-gatherer studies and is currently focused on the timing and routes of the Apachean movement south from Canada to the American Southwest. To that end he is collaborating with Jack Ives, University of Alberta, in research at the Promontory Caves in northern Utah. He is also continuing to work with a colleague, Joan Coltrain at the University of Utah, on the onset of farming in the greater Southwest. They have authored several papers on Basketmaker II dietary emphasis and anticipate additional publications on that topic. Dr. Janetski is also working with two graduate students at the University of Washington in reconstructing paleoenvironments and Early Archaic subsistence relying on data from North Creek Shelter, a deeply stratified site in southern Utah. Finally, he is writing a paper on the social contexts of gaming and exchange in small scale societies such as the Fremont.

Selected Publications

Parezo, Nancy J., and Joel C. Janetski (Eds.). (2014). ​Archaeology of the Great Basin and Southwest: Papers in honor of Don. D. Fowler. Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press.

Coltrain, Joan, and Joel C. Janetski (2013). The stable and radio-isotope chemistry of southeastern Utah Basketmaker II burials: Dietary analysis using the linear mixing model SISUS, age and sex patterning, geolocation and temporal patterning. Journal of Archaeological Science, 40: 4711-4730.

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