​​​​​​Michael Searcy

Courses Taught

Anthr 101 (Social/Cultural Anthropology)​​​
Anthr 103 (Archaeology Field Trip)
Anthr 110 (Introduction to Archaeology)
Anthr 201 (Foundations of Social Theory)
Anthr 436 (Symbolic Anthropology)​​
Anthr 454 (Field School Preparation)
Anthr455 (Field School of Archaeology)
Anthr 456 (Lab Skills for Anthropology)
Anthr 490R (Ethnoarchaeology)
Anthr 512 (Heritage Resource Management)
Anthr 535 (Southwest Seminar)
Anthr 590R (Archaeoinformatics)


PhD, University of Oklahoma, 2010
MA, Brigham Young University, 2005
BA, University of North Texas, 2000

Research Interests

Michael Searcy is currently researching social processes associated with the Viejo (AD 700-1200) and Medio Periods (AD 1200-1450) of the Casas Grandes tradition, which flourished in the northwestern portion of modern-day Chihuahua, Mexico. He is especially interested in causes linked to transitions in sociopolitical organization and structural transformations. His other research interests include long-distance interaction, iconographical analysis, ground stone analysis, ethnoarchaeology, Fremont archaeology, and technological innovations in archaeological field methods, including the use of drones.

Selected Publications

2016: The Viejo Period. In Discovering Paquimé, edited by Paul E. Minnis and Michael E. Whalen, pp. 17-21. Amerind Foundation, Dragoon, Arizona and University of Arizona Press, Tucson. (with Jane Kelley)​

2016: Early Mimbres Households: Exploring the Late Pithouse Period (550-1000 AD) at the Florida Mountain Site. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology (with Bernard Schriever and Matthew Taliaferro)

2016: Late Fremont Cultural Identities and Borderland Processes.  In Late Holocene Research on Foragers and Early Farmers in the Desert West, edited by Barbara Roth and Maxine McBrinn, pp. 234-264. University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City. (with Richard​​ Talbot)

2016: Dealing with Legal Uncertainty in the Use of UAVs in the United States. SAA Archaeological Record 16(2):43-45. 
2014: Cultural and Contextual Differentiation of Mesoamerican Iconography in the U.S. Southwest/Northwest Mexico.  In Building Transnational Archaeologies: 11th Southwest Symposium, edited by Elisa Villalpando and Randal H. McGuire, pp. 53-73. Arizona State Museum, Tucson.

2015: Beginnings: The Viejo Period. In Ancient Paquime and the Casas Grandes World, edited by Paul E. Minnis and Michael E. Whalen. University of Arizona Press, Tucson. (with ​Jane Kelley)

2013: Understanding the Viejo Period: What Are the Data? In Collected Papers from the 17th Biennial Mogollon Archaeology Conference, edited by Lonnie C. Ludeman, pp. 77-81, Western New Mexico University, Silver City. (with Todd A. Pitezel)

2011: The Life-Giving Stone: Ethnoarchaeology of Maya Metates.​ University of Arizona Press, Tucson. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


2012 Mining on the Swell.​ Office of Public Archaeology, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT.

2009 Starvation Doctrine: The Plight of Illegal Immigrants in America. Burning Buffalo Films, Norman, OK. (co-directed with Zac Davis)​