Sociocultural Anthropology Field Schools


Southeast Asia

The Southeast Asia field school is an opportunity to get in-field ethnographic training. During the summer of 2015 this program will be held in the China-Vietnam border region. The group will spend roughly half of the total 11-week period conducting research on Hmong culture on both sides of the border. This will provide an opportunity for students to get extended training on comparative ethnographic research. The program is run through the Department of Anthropology at Brigham Young University, and students will get anthropology course credit through BYU (which can potentially be transferred elsewhere). The thrust of this program is on learning and applying ethnographic research skills relevant to various social sciences and humanities disciplines. Coursework will therefore include credit for the training and research conducted on the program. This program will include both graduate and undergraduate students from various disciplines who are interested in gaining research skills and conducting original fieldwork in a mentored environment.

During the summers of 2012 and 2013, Dr. Jacob Hickman mentored groups of students on their research in a Hmong village in the Nan Province of Thailand. The 2013 group also travelled to Hmong villages in Laos and other parts of Thailand to gain a comparative perspective of Southeast Asian Hmong culture. Each researcher presented preliminary findings at a research conference at Chiang Mai University. Upon returning from the field school, students then continued analyzing data and began the writing process of their senior theses. Research topics included Hmong-Thai political relations, village versus city business ethics, and the conversion process from traditional shamanism to Christianity or Messianism. Some students went on to present their research findings at the Hmong Studies Conference at the University of Minnesota and the American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings. Details will be posted to the field school web page when they are available. To see more information about the Field school, see Dr. Jacob Hickman's website​ or contact him here.



Dr. David Crandall directs a field school program in Namibia. The next field school in Namibia will likely be held during the summer of 2016. For further information about his program, please contact Dr. Crandall here.



Dr. Greg Thompson will direct a field school in Provo, UT during the summer of 2015. For further information about this field school, please contact Dr. Thompson here.



Dr. Janis Nuckolls in the Department of Linguistics also offers a field school that can fulfill the fieldwork requirement for our sociocultural anthropology majors. Please contact Dr. Janis Nuckolls here for information about her future field school offerings.