Resources and Other Things to Think about When Considering An Anthropology Degree

Ethnography and the Corporate Encounter-Melissa Cefkin

Ethnographic research methods used in business settings. This is about the culture of a business and also understanding the consumer.


Business Anthropology-Ann T. Jordan

How anthropological methods have been used in business settings.


Anthropology in Practice-Riall W. Nolan

How anthropology is used in practice. The skills that will help your anthropological background translate to other fields.


Anthropology Career Resources Handbook-Margaret A. Gwynne

A list of available resources for all parts of applied anthropology


Advancing Ethnography in Corporate Environments-Jordan Giti (online)

Doing Anthropology in Consumer Research-Patti Sunderland, Rita Denny

The Business of Creativity-Brian Moeran (online)

Do’s and Taboos Around the World-Roger E. Axtell

How to be culturally sensitive in global business.

The Culture Consultant: The Importance of Business Anthropology



How business sees anthropology

Anthropology and Business:

These links are particularly useful for helping to understand the language that businesses use to refer to anthropology as well as how they see anthropology.

For those willing to use some creativity, industry veterans say an anthropology degree gives college grads the tools they need to excel in a broad range of careers, from nonprofits to the private sector. And, they add, as the economy becomes increasingly global, demand for anthropologists is expected to grow

Blog of a business professor who got a degree in anthropology. Lots of different topics.

case study of business anthropology. Using anthropology to determine how increase sales.

When you think about it, anthropology, which literally means "the study of humans," has business applications. Aren't all (or most) of your customers humans?

But this is far from the case. The world, as I'm sure the governor understands, is a culturally diverse and complicated place with people who speak countless languages and live by a myriad of complex cultural codes. The best-equipped specialists who can help us negotiate the rocks and shoals of this complicated world are cultural anthropologists.


At a time when we're debating the value of majoring in the humanities, major companies are increasingly hiring anthropologists. That information is more valuable than you might think. What customers want from a product and what companies think they want can be totally different, but it can take an anthropological lens to learn why.

Informational website about anthropology in general.



How Ethnographic Research Applies in Business:

Ethnography and Business Anthropology. Ethnography allows businesses to gain insight into the consumer that quantitative research can’t get at.

In recent years, companies seeking to stay relevant in an ever- shifting, globalized world have come to realize that they must understand their clients and consumers in wholly new, personal ways.  To do so, they’re sending out armies of researchers to spend time in markets, interviewing customers in their homes, hoping that such immersive experiences will lead to new business opportunities.

Ethnographic marketing tools.

Case studies of companies who hired ReD Associates

Website of ethnographic consulting firm