Annual Conference Schedule


The following conference schedule includes many of the conferences where our faculty and students have presented their research. For students, we recommend that you seriously consider submitting abstracts to present your research at national conferences. This is a great experience to get quality feedback on your research and to hear from other scholars in your field. It is also a great way to get to know the culture of your discipline and to network with people doing similar work. There are often college and departmental funds to help cover the costs of travelling to and attending academic conferences. Contact your faculty advisor to find out more information, as your advisor will have to apply on your behalf.


Sociocultural Anthropology Conferences


American Anthropological Association

Society for Applied Anthropology

American Ethnological Society

Society for Psychological Anthropology

Society for the Anthropology of Religion

Association for Asian Studies 

Hmong Studies Consortium

Northwestern Anthropological Association

Southwestern Anthropological Association 



Archaeology Conferences


American Association of Physical Anthropologists 

American Anthropological Association

Archaeological Institute of America 

Great Basin Anthropological Conference 

Midwest Archaeological Conference

Northwest Anthropological Association

Pecos Conference 

Plain Anthropological Society 

Society for American Archaeology

Utah Professional Archaeological Council

Utah Statewide Archaeological Society Convention