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Experiential Learning Fund (ELF)

The Anthropology Deparment receives funding each year from the college that is from the university Experiential Learning Fund. Experiential Learning is comprised of experiences that "incorporate intention, integration, and reflection and that motivate student learning or prompts inspiration." The purpose of this funding is to financially support undergraduate and graduate students engaged in experiences that involve a mentoring environment and are related to the successful completion of their degree program. We prioritize students who are requesting financial support to attend their field school or for research associated with a with a senior or Master's thesis project. The annual application deadline is January 31.


Department Endowment Funds

The department has received several generous donations over its 75-year history which have allowed us to establish endowments for the purpose of supporting graduate students. Each year we are able to allocate funds from these sources to graduate students who need financial support for their thesis research or conference-related travel. Applications are typically due at the end of December each year, and the maximum amount students may apply for is $1500. The following are the endowment funds and their intended purposes.

  • Grace Elizabeth (Betty) Shallit Endowment: Established to support graduate students pursuing a Master's degree in the Department of Anthropology.
  • David Jordan Rust and Edloe Book Rust Endowed Memorial: Established to support research and publication in the field of Book of Mormon archaeology in the Americas.
  • Warren C. Van Pelt Memorial Fund: Provides scholarships to graduate students pursuing careers in either archaeology or anthropology.