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Graduate Students

Check out our current and past graduates and get ideas for your own graduate theses:

Matthew Higham

Research Area: 4th-6th Century Byzantine Mosaics

Research Statement: My research focuses on the relationship between provincial church mosaics and "unorthodox" Christian sects in the Transjordan and the Italian Peninsula.

Other Interests: Acedemic: Roman History, Roman Britain, Old World Archaeology, Antiquities Repatriation, and Public Archaeology. Non-Academic: Skiing, Running, Video Games

Thesis Chair: Dr. Cynthia Finlayson

Jaron Davidson

Research Area: Northern Mexico

Research Statement: I am researching inter-regional exchange systems between early Casas Grandes villages and their neighbors and how those systems changed through time. I do this through analysis of non-local shell, copper, and turquoise artifacts found in archaeological sites in northwest Chihuahua, Mexico.

Other interests: Greater Southwestern archaeology, Fremont Identity and adornment

Thesis Chair: Dr. Michael Searcy