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Anthropology Seminar

The Department of Anthropology Seminar is a speaker series that involves a mix of BYU faculty and outside speakers representing a range of anthropological subfields and work in related disciplines. Speakers present current research and theory, and every session involves ample time for discussion and debate. This is an important forum for undergraduate and graduate students to get exposure to cutting-edge research relevant to anthropology and related fields, as well as to interact with scholars from various backgrounds who are producing current scholarship in areas of interest to our Department. We encourage all students and faculty in the department to attend as often as they can. Students who are willing to commit to attendance at the seminar for an entire semester can register for ANTHR 450 and receive 1 credit per semester for the seminar. Three semesters of ANTHR 450 will count as a 3-credit systems class in our majors. The speaker schedule is updated regularly on our Department Google Calendar.

Note: Due to the pandemic, the Anthropology Seminar will be convened via Zoom until further notice. The Zoom meeting link will be distributed through Department emails to faculty and students. Others who are interested in attending can contact the department secretaries at