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Grace Elizabeth Shallit Memorial Lecture

The Grace Elizabeth Shallit Memorial Lecture series is funded by the Grace Elizabeth Shallit endowment and hosted by the Department of Anthropology at Brigham Young University. This annual lecture aims to bring some of the leading thinkers in archaeology to campus to present their research. In addition, students are able to interact personally with the speakers, providing them an opportunity to learn from and network with prominent scholars in the discipline.

This annual lecture series has hosted many prominent scholars, and we have video recordings of several of them that you can access on YouTube via the links below: Ofer Bar Yosef (2001), Ian Hodder (2002), Bruce Trigger (2003), James A. Brown (2004), Patrick Kirch (2005), Michael Coe (2006), Katherine Spielmann (2007), Barry Cunliffe (2008), Stephen Houston (2009), David Hurst Thomas (2010), Norman Yoffee (2011), Bryan Ward–Perkins (2013), Timothy Pauketat (2014), Thomas Levy (2015), Takeshi Inomata (2016), Matthew Johnson (2017), Barbara Mills (2018), Jodi Magness (2019), David G. Anderson (2022), and Robert Kelley (2023).

For a collection of some of our lectures in the department, including Shallit Lecture videos, please visit our Youtube Channel. Also, for further details on upcoming events and lectures, visit our Facebook Page.